Clinical Studies

VasoStat versus TR Band following Radial Artery Access…

Minor Jr RL et al.

“When compared to use of TR Band, VasoStat resulted in significantly shorter times to hemostasis and required fewer device manipulations following radial access.” See Poster | Read Full Study

Comparison of TR Band™ and VasoStat™ Hemostasis Devices…

Kwan TW et al.

“The VasoStat™ required less frequent monitoring and adjusting.” Read Full Study

Randomized Trial of Radial Hemostasis Using Focused vs Balloon Compression Devices

Safirstein JG et al.

“Complete hemostasis was achieved earlier with the VasoStat focused compression device compared with the TR Band balloon compression device.” Read Full Study

Nonfemoral Arterial Hemostasis Following Percutaneous Intervention Using a Focused Compression Device

Barrette LX et al.

“Mean time to hemostasis enabling device removal was 55 minutes… Elevated BMI, accessed artery, sheath size, and heparin dose were not associated with time to hemostasis.” Read Full Study


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